Data analysts and data scientists are the most sought after by companies like LinkedIn, Facebook, Groupon and Amazon. These companies have to deal with enormous amount of raw data and seek the high-tech experts to simplify the job for them. Other industries are also hiring these big-data, scientists like government agencies, big retailers, social-networking sites and even defense forces.

Data scientists and analysts have a substantial career growth and there prevails a huge gap between talent and hiring, meaning that there are more job opportunities than the qualified data scientists to occupy them.

Database management specialists, who can effectively use DBMS software like Oracle, SQL, are in constant demand by companies etc. The business analytics and intelligence sector has an unlimited job opportunities and earning potential. It is one of the top salary providing fields with job profiles like Business Analysts, Business Intelligence Analysts, SAS Data Analysts, Big Data Scientists, IBM Data Analysts, Data Mining Engineer, Enterprise Data Architect, Hadoop Engineer, Senior Data Scientist, Data Warehouse Architect, Senior Big Data Analysts, etc. They earn $250,000 per annum on an average as salary plus other allowances and incentives. A data scientist can also work as a freelancer and earn up to $30 – 80 per hour depending on his skills, expertise, project size and requirements.

About the course:
The candidates get an electronically sharable certificate on successfully completing the course and clearing an online test. They can mention this certificate in their resume to weightage to it. The candidates have to complete the assignments and projects assigned in line with the syllabus in order to earn eligibility for the online exam. On successfully clearing the course, the candidates become market-ready and the institute provides placement assistance in all sorts of industries like banking and finance, insurance, travel and transportation, and health care industry, to name a few. The candidates must have a good command of mathematics and statistics to comprehend huge figures.

The course covers a number of subjects and tools that acts as body and soul in database management like basic Statistics, Hypothesis Testing, Data Mining and Clearing, Machine Learning, Data Forecasting, Data Visualization, Programming Languages like Mattlab, C++, Hadoop, Plotting Libraries Like Python, Plotly, Matplotlib, etc.

Benefits of the course:
This is a holistic industry-centered certificate course that makes you ready for the ocean of opportunities by teaching the latest trends in the industry to deal with the gigantic amount of data with their specially designed curriculum, practical knowledge of analytics tools, projects and case-studies along with real-time data analysis. The course provides you with industry connections and networking opportunities. This program, centered around business intelligence and analytical skills helps bridge the gap between talent demand and supply by giving or providing the talented professional an atmosphere where they can continuously learn and equip themselves with management-skills, design thinking, problem-solving and collaboration.

If you too are blessed with good programming knowledge or analytical skills and want your knowledge to be used to the best and wish to stand out against the competition, get yourself enrolled to The Best Institute of Dubai offering data science Certificate Course and get an edge over others.